Bed Bug Bites Symptoms

bed-bug-bite2The bed bug is a smaller parasitic insect which feed on the human blood. The bed bugs are reddish brown, flat and oval insects which hide in crevices and cracks of box springs, beds, bed frames and headboards. The insects will bite the sleeping humans and it causes irritation in the skin. The bed bugs are common in dorms, apartment complexes, hotels, homeless shelters and some areas of high occupancy. The bed bug bites symptoms are treated with oral antihistamines and tropical creams. The professional extermination can be essential to get rid of these bedbugs. The individuals must recognize and treat bed bug bites symptoms in order to prevent future complications.

Symptoms of bed bug bites:

The bed bug bites will suck blood from the human. These bugs will be more active during night and bite the exposed area of the skin when the individual sleeps. The neck, face, arms and hands are common bed bug bites symptoms. The bite will not cause any pain and most of the people do not notice that. The flat, small or raised bump on the skin is the most common bed bug bites symptoms.

Swelling, itching and redness will normally occur. When scratched, the bite areas may become infected. The bed bug bites has the capacity to fins numerous bites lined up in one row. The bed bugs will have glands and these secretions can leave odors and also leave fecal spots on the bed sheets. Listed below are some of the bed bug bites symptoms.


The Mayo Clinic states that the bed bugs bite is itchy because the immune system will release chemical signals in response to the bedbug bites which may lead to itching. The patients with bites must avoid scratching in order to prevent development of open sores which bacteria may enter. Itching is also one among the bed bug bites symptoms. One percent oral diphenhydramine and hydrocortisone cream may be used to treat the symptoms. The patient must seek the medical treatment when red spots become painful or larger.


The bedbug bites will create rash which distinguishes the insect bites from bites of other insects. The bedbug bites are red and in the middle it has darker red spot. Redness may occur due to damage to skin caused by bug bite. The immune system may release the chemical signals which increase redness. The patients who sustain the bedbug bites may notice red spots on the neck, arms, face, etc. The individuals must note the red spots location in order to ensure new bites is not appearing every day.


In several cases, the bedbug bites may cause allergic reactions that consist of itching, blisters, and hives. The bed bug bites symptoms will be signs of severe cases which need prompt medical treatment. When the individuals experience wheezing, trouble in breathing, swelling in mouth or on the face, shortness of breath, throat tightness, weakness or difficult swallowing, they need to immediately contact the doctor to avoid further problems related to this bite.