Bed Bug Treatment

bedbug1-large-1-The insect Cimex Lectularius are usually called bed bugs. Bed bugs are flat, small, oval insect that creep during the night time to feed on a resting individual. Being flat and 1-7 mm small, they can squeeze in any gap or crack in the home without being identified. Beg bug will introduce an anti-coagulant chemical into the blood stream of its host that protect the blood from thicker that allow them to such the blood until it is distended.

The first thing one should know if bed bug treatment is essential, they should confirm the presence of the pests in the home.

Bite marks on the human body is the main sign of bed bug presence. These are little reddish bite mark people finds after some times. Dark fecal marks around and near the bed, these marks are left by the bed bugs when they travel. Finding bug’s scuttles surround the mattress. After the presence of bed bugs are confirmed, choose the right treatment for killing them. This is not easy to do, because bed bugs hide very well and can live for more months without eating anything. People can hire the best product which contains the high powerful ingredient to kill. There are several nonchemical treatment also available for bed bugs treatment.

Some of the nonchemical treatments are:

Hot water – wash the cloths and other materials in hot water maximum 49 Celsius can kill beg bugs.

Vacuuming – A thorough vacuuming of gaps and cracks can physically remove bed bugs from the place. But vacuum cleaners cannot enter in all small holes.

Freezing – The insect bed bugs are vulnerable to temperature under 0 degrees Celsius, but people need to keep their household items outside or in the freezer for many days.

Clothes dryer – placing dry or wet items in a clothes dryer set at mild to great heat for 25 minutes will destroy bed bugs and their eggs well. Garments and bedding which are prone to damage have to be packed and introduced at least 120 F, because these materials cannot be treated with insecticides.

For materials that cannot be treated by cleaning or placing in the drier, pack them in plastic sheet and place them outside in a very hot in a sunny place for minimum 24 hours.

Often use the vacuum cleaner while cleaning the room or house. While doing bed bug treatment, one should make sure that all waste items are disposed properly, because, the bed bugs may escape and infest other room.

A more effective bed bug treatment is the use of a steam cleaner. Use a steam cleaner for cleaning the mattress. Steam work well in killing these pests.

Use a rough brush and scrub the mattress systematically in order to get rid of egg. The cheap and ideal bed bug treatment is using alcohol on the mattress.

People can also use some portable equipment to increase the temperature of a room to a deadly temperature. All kinds of bed bugs can be destroyed at 50 degree Celsius. Therefore, the area surround the bed must be treated heavily. People have to choose the powerful spray for the bed bug treatment.